video first week free

Everybody can see your content for the first 7 days free. 

YouTube (@YouTube) | TwitterUpload your content on YouTube with your google email adress.


By uploading 7 video’s for free, no matter how big or small people can watch 1 video a day.

  1. You give your own beautiful audio and video by uploading 7 videos openly on YouTube.
  2. You fill in the form on sharing yourself page
  3. Your content page is made and send to your email 
  4. Extra content is send to us private via Youtube
  5. We share it to your disciples
  6. You receive the money from us via paypal or bitcoin
  • You receive the money on your YouTube account by advertisement too.
  • By saying how to share they can bring more people to your content
  • If they are good at sharing your content they can receive their money back or more.


Afterwards when 7 days are over you send private video and audio to your disciples.


What is your product?

  • Your product is made as content page on the site