Creative meditation


Here do I show my skills and videos with explanation. You can watch the first video’s openly. If you like it you can buy more.
I keep uploading private videos about healing, yoga, orbit and other practises. Also explanations of creative infinity to accomplish beautiful goals easily. Because of video material I can teach you about light, direction, form and energy. Orbit as the circle generate energy. For 20 euro you have access to all content by receiving it.

These videos also explain the 4-fold nature of reality that is making up every experience. The sun that comes up is as the mid-sun and sunset through midnight reawakened by the dawn so that the 4 could be again. This dawn is red and beautiful. Jesus saw that this tawny colour is like all other colors as the ether in all beings. The 4 seasons in 1 year. The 4 phases in breath, in frequency, and in the way of immeasurable time periods. The holy name of Moses is made up out of 4. The 4 Vedas and the Father that makes the Son and Daughter with the Mother as support. What is the first from the perspective of no time. Mastery of time is when you go in the nonlinear field. The indestructible nature as the unity, above all time is the master because of the rhythm blowing from the truth Spirit of holiness.


Here I present you with video’s every week to teach you the way of creation by meditative practices.

By these video’s you will learn to combine creation and meditation to become a master yourself.

When fully mastered you are able to recognize patterns that are activated automatically because nature works the same way.

By understanding and small practice you will see that macro is micro and micro is macro so that creation is in your hands again.

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