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What is the content?


Here I give you the meditative principles for creating your creation so that your will is actualized every moment. 

First I introduce you to watch the open video's to get an idea of how this content will be:

For 20 euro you will be given continuous video's in order to become a master of creation through yoga and energy exercises. 

Combination is very important because that is how everything in this universe is established.

By short and simple video's you learn quick and perfectly. By watching and practicing the exercises and video's daily you will see how creation can work for you instead against you. Most people are depended on external energy which results in lacking attitude. By generating energy while planting seeds of benefit you should see that through micro action there would be macro change. 



For performing these meditation practices and understanding the short video's explaining the creative principles of yourself you have to be able to be consistent and perform them at least once a week. They can be very intense and will manifest your creation according to your will. Everybody from beginner to advanced who is interested in meditation and creation of your life can start doing the work. 


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How is the content given?

The content is given via YouTube Private video every week on the weekends

The content is given via Torrent every week on the weekends

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