What is forgiveness?

forgiveness is ... what?

  • क्षमा (kṣamā) = forgiveness, remission, indulgence, permission, literally forgiveness

Forgiveness is virtue; forgiveness is sacrifice; forgiveness is the Vedas; forgiveness is the Shruti.
Forgiveness protecteth the ascetic merit of the future; forgiveness is asceticism; forgiveness is holiness; and by forgiveness is it that the universe is held together.

— Mahabharata, Book 3, Vana Parva, Section XXIX, [49]
  • seeing the divine inside and outside yourself and as yourself.
  • Shiva's headlooking in Shiva's face while pressing palms together and giving your devotion
  • spreading truth with as many as possible publicly and privately.

Why is forgiveness?

forgiveness is ... why?

  • because people commit sins everyday
  • because sinners don't know what they do
  • because all actions are an illusion
  • because truth is more powerful than falsehood
  • for the compassion and realization of non violence
  • because all beings want to be pure and without sin
  • for the welfare and peace on the earth
  • to help and save innumerable beings

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