Thank you

This is the writing so that everybody can give the ultimate chant. As the beauty that shines forth like the ultimate one. Who are you?

Are you good in righteous inspiration of language or video by practice that is gained as a skill to benefit all creatures  by creating it for yourself knowing that all can listen to you. Than the only thing you have to do is show your creativity. It can now for every human being, like a bodhisattva doing the offering. What is the offering ?

The offering is the fire. What is the fire?

The fire is this:

As the red fire:  whereby everyone smokes what they smoke.

But what would you take by the fire.

Fire consumes everything.

fire is Agni

Agni is offering

Offering is yajna

There are sticks offered in the fire that are of wood and herb like the offering of giving your body and energy to serve your ideal state by becoming it. 

What is this giving?

This giving is benefiting all beings at a super large scale because that is necessary for giving the truth.