This is the new message

This site is for the people, who want to share the infinite wealth that is available by inviting the truth to go through your system.

The way of this site is that everything is private so the hand is the symbol of this system. The hand is your own symbol whereby you are seen to be. The five fingers and five toes can be a way of showing your world by creating your icon. You can hold a flower, you can hold a stick, you can hold your fist, you can make a mudra you can put ash on your hand, you can hold a sword, you can hold a worm etc.

The point of this site is that we all give in the way of this hand because it is our icon. The 5 fingers and 5 toes are the age old image of being a monkey, human or avatar. This unity of all mankind and primates together with avatars and images of gods in the subjectivity of humans are the same with different aspects. Every hand is different in the way how it is used, every feet is different in the way how it is used. The multiple feet and hands shows the expression of ourselves in the way of giving, receiving and interaction with each other.

This giving and receiving is the purpose of this site.


The hand is private for all and your own image.

The hand can show infinite creativity.

Thank you.